Another newsletter? I know, but hear me out.

Your email is sacred, which is why it took me years to decide on creating a newsletter. I didn’t want it to be just one thing, which breaks the cardinal sin of newsletters. I want to build a community but I don’t want to monetize my newsletter, which why my attempts at Patreon and Substack folded.

So, how do I stay connected with you while sharing what’s on my mind, what has caught my eye, and amplifying causes and products I care about?

Enter The B-Roll.

The B-Roll will be a weekly letter from me to you about what’s on my mind, what’s caught my eye, plus a Language & Culture Corner where I will begin sharing pieces of my Turkish culture. Plus it’ll be the best way to stay updated on my creative projects.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

“You know that conversation you have with a friend over a glass of wine where you chat about everything from the mundane of whatever you had for lunch yesterday to the deep levels of whatever big life hurdle you’ve been facing lately? The B-Roll is that, but in your inbox just when you need it. Berrak welcomes you in with her writing, and weaves narrative and observation together beautifully to create that feeling of dropping on the couch to catch up each week, while also learning a little something along the way. It’s easily one of my favorite newsletters.” – Joanna Volavka